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Delivering your way

To match your budget and busy schedule, choose from a great range of delivery prices and times. Subject to your location and what you’re ordering, we can deliver same day, next day, on a date you choose, in your preferred timeslot, or for free – Locally up to 2  miles from our shop location. Pulselectronicsno1.Ltd customers rate our delivery service quick and reliable.

Plus if you want to avoid any charges that would apply if we did deliver, or can’t be in for us to do so, you can  order online to collect in store instead.        

We offer Free Next Day delivery within UK on all goods up to 30kg and  We can also deliver on any day of your choice including Saturday(95% on time delivery rating) . Your exact delivery options depend on which items you’re ordering and your location. You can check these options on the product page, or we’ll show you them in checkout.

Let’s take your old one away

Got an old electrical appliance or technology you want out of your home? Like to save the hassle of a trip to the dump, or of getting the council to call? Love someone to do all the heavy lifting and disposal work for you?

To make life easy, we offer convenient ways to get your old stuff removed and recycled – when we deliver your new large kitchen appliance.

Appliances recycled on delivery

We can take away your old unwanted appliances at the same time we deliver any of these new ones:

  • Washing machines
  • Washer dryers
  • Tumble dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges , freezers & fridge freezers
  • Cookers & ovens

Large appliances 

    If the item you want us to take is a large kitchen appliance you can add recycling online as part of your order. Prices for this service is just £10.

    Please note: We can only take for recycling a large appliance that’s disconnected and (if it’s a built-in model) is unfixed from your units.

    • If you’d like us to disconnect your old large appliance, this comes as part of our installation service for your new appliance (see below).
    • Otherwise, please ensure the large appliance is prepared before we arrive to take it away. For a gas or dual-fuel cooker, you’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to do the disconnecting.

    Large appliances installed & Recycled on delivery 

      Want your new large appliance delivered and fitted, and your old one gone, all in one go? For maximum convenience, add both installation, and recycling on delivery, to your order in checkout.

      Importantly, our installation service includes disconnecting your electrical appliance. Saving you the hassle of getting a separate tradesman to disconnect it before we arrive.

      As standard:

      • If we’re bringing and fitting a freestanding appliance, we’ll only disconnect a freestanding appliance.
      • If we’re bringing and fitting a built-in appliance, we’ll disconnect a built-in appliance (includes unfixing it from your units)
      • If we’re bringing and fitting a electric oven or hob, but your old one is gas please make sure it will be diconected by Gas Safe registered Experts before we arrive.

      However, if we’re bringing and fitting a freestanding appliance, and the one to be disconnected is built-in, please make sure measurments are suitable to indstall new freestanding appliance.


      Why Us?

      The beauty of our installation service is that we can deliver and install your new product at a time to suit you 6 days a week .Pulselectroniscno1.Ltd are experts at installing everything, from  dishwashers and washing machines, to integrated appliances and cookers. 

      What’s more, we’ll not only install your product, we’ll disconnect and take away your old one for recycling if you want us to. We don’t leave the packaging either – we’ll take that away too.

      What we promise

      • Friendly and professional service
      • Delivery and installation on the same day
      • Free disconnection of your old appliance
      • We’ll take away the packaging

      Recycling conditions

      • Please make sure any large appliance you pass to us for recycling is in a fit state. Fridges or freezers should be defrosted, with no water left inside.
      • If we’re recycling on delivery, it’s important we don’t damage your home. So in some cases it may be we can’t remove your unwanted kit. Examples include an unmovable appliance, seized-up taps, and an appliance hard wired into a fused spur.
      • With recycling on delivery, we can only guarantee to remove a large appliance that’s roughly the same size as the one we’re delivering. Or one that’s smaller. However, we’re always keen to please, and provided we have space on our truck, we’ll take away an appliance that’s larger than the one we’re delivering.
      • If the manufacturer is delivering your new appliance direct, they’ll only recycle like for like – for example, if you’re receiving a new fridge freezer, they’ll only take a fridge freezer but not us. We can take anything from £10 only.