Bosch Professional Wall Scanner D-tect 150 SV


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Bosch Professional Stud Finder D-tect 150 SV

Bosch-patented radar technology allows the D-tect 150 SV wall scanner to detect all object types, including wood, cables, pvc pipes, and metal at depths of up to 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, and 150 mm, respectively. Choose from 6 detection settings based on material type—Universal, Wet, or Special Concrete, Drywall, Panel Heating, and Metal—or Signal View mode.

Signal View mode displays incoming signal strength to help detect objects in difficult scenarios or provides additional information to experienced users. Wet Concrete mode enables the metal detector to detect objects even in wet concrete at depths of up to 60 mm.

If an object is found, the LED light turns red. A green light indicates no object is detected. The material indicator tells users what kind of material the cable finder has found.

For best results:
Make sure voltage is applied to the cable being searched for (i.e. by turning on the light)
Remove any metal jewelry and gloves
Turn off or remove for nearby electronic devices which could interfere with detection
Turn on the device and select the correct detection setting for the application
Place the wire detector flat against the wall and move it slowly over the area of interest. Move it back to see the detection results. Measure both horizontally and vertically

Items included:
D-tect 150 SV
Protective bag
4 x AA batteries
User Manual
Cardboard box

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Bosch MT


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