CIARRA CBCS6506B 60cm Glass Cooker Hood Curved Stainless Steel Chimney Hoods


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One of our stainless steel and glass cooker hoods, CBCS6506B cooker hood can be installed in kitchen walls of different decorating styles, modern and traditional.

  1. High quality. CE Certification has been aquired for the chimney cooker hoods.
  2. Ease of clean.
  3. Two Ventilation modes of our glass range hoods Optional, either recycling mode with carbon filters (not included) or ducting mode outside with a ducting pipe.
  4. Simple installation way. Our 60cm chimney hoods are set up with the coming cooker hood accessories.
  5. Kitchen grease filters and LED bulbs are builted inside, cominmg with cooker hood ducting kit.
  6. Colored silver, be a part of the kitchen decoration .

range hoods cooker hood

Cooker Hoods CBCS6506B Range Vent Hoods 60cm

Silver Cooker Hoods:

  1. Helping to absorb grease, odour, smokes in the kitchen during your cooking time. Protecting your and your families’ health.
  2. 3-Speed Push Button Controls: Altering the extracting speed with a simple push on the buttons.

Three speeds:

  • Low speed
  • Medium speed
  • High speed

e.g.: Frying: Increase the speed to intense style

boiling: Reduce the speed to general type


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