Vibrapower Slim 3 – Equipment Mat, Bands, Wrist RC & Wall Chart – BLACK


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Vibrapower Slim 3 – Equipment Mat, Bands, Wrist RC & Wall Chart – BLACK- Tatty box.



With a wrist remote control that allows you to control your different levels of workout from your wrist. Making finding the remote the thing of the past, as you now can change intensity, programme settings and start up and pause your workout- all from a handy one touch wrist strap remote control.

Also included is an essential equipment mat which comes in the same colour as the unit you pick. You also get a pair resistance bands, each with a different level of intensity, along with another pair of tube resistance bands which attach to the bottom of your machine. The red is the lowest resistance and the black is the higher resistance.

To ensure you always know which exercise you want to do next, you also get a handy wall chart you can refer to, which includes a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups.

Built as an oscillating platform with 20 levels of speed and 5 pre-set vibration programs, you can benefit from Vibration training and get an intense workout in just ten minutes by using the resistance bands to enhance your workout.

Vibrapower Slim 3 specifications:

It has got 5 programmes and a manual mode.

20 different speed settings.

The Vibrapower Slim 3 may offer the following benefits:

Muscle building, general fitness, endurance, muscle relaxation.

Fun and innovative way to exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Using the Vibrapower Slim 3 may provide benefits to your normal routine. Just by standing on the platform and doing your normal exercise routine you will activate more muscle fibres than you would normally do.

It produces and oscillating motion instead of a vertical one , this means that one leg is moving up while the other is moving down, making your exercising routine more effective.

Great and modern design.

It has a roller on the side for easier transport.

Instruction manual with a visual guide containing 16 different exercises to help you get started plus warming up a cooling down exercises.

Resistance bands are included to enhance your exercises.

The remote control watch will help you control the programmes and the speed without the need of reaching the control panel, you can take control of workout from your wrist.

Easy to store.

Equipped with 2x Handles to increase the amount of workouts you can do.

Max User Weight 120 kg


The handles can be used for exercises such as press-ups, triceps dips, the plank and many more.

Included with the machine, these handles can be added to the top of the machine – on top on the Vibrapower Slim 3 you will find 9 caps. 2 on each outer side of the machine, 2 on each inner side and 1 in the centre   You can choose between 2 positions for each of the handles.


1x Vibrapower Slim 3 machine

1x Wrist Remote control

1 x Pair of Resistance Bands

1 x Pair of Tube Resistance Bands

1 x Power Cord

1 x Instruction manual

1 x Equipment Mat

1 x Wall Chart

2 x Handles


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