HOTEL CHOCOLAT HC01 Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine Copper GOLD



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HOTEL CHOCOLAT HC01 Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine Copper GOLD- Tatty Box !!!


  • Barista grade hot chocolate, as served in Hotel Chocolate cafes, velvetised at the touch of a button
  • Contains – The Velvetiser hot chocolate machine – 10 single serve hot chocolates, milky, salted caramel, 70% classic, hazelnut and 85% dark, no powders, no syrups, just chocolate – 2 exclusive ceramic cups
  • An electrical product, ready to use straight from your countertop, a removable whisk and Non-Stick coating for easy cleaning, not suitable for dishwashers
  • Designed to make one ideal hot chocolate in 2. 5 minutes

Product information

Colour Name: Copper
Technical Details
Brand Hotel Chocolat
Model Number 472755
Colour Copper
Item Weight 3.11 Kg
Product Dimensions 21.8 x 11.9 x 20.2 cm

Product code:G102V26521


Product description

Colour Name:Copper

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, Engineered by Dualit. In home hot chocolate machine – Copper – with 10 single serve hot chocolate pouches and 2 ceramic cups.

From the manufacturer



More Cacao Less Sugar

Making our chocolates, our mantra has always been ‘More Cacao, Less Sugar’. Cacao will always be our number-one ingredient. We’re also committed to using only real, natural ingredients – nothing artificial, ever. Nature supplies all we need.

Velvetiser In-Home Drinking Chocolate System

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, Engineered by Dualit

First we create our recipes

Set them into pure chocolate blocks

Grate them into gossamer-fine flakes

Then seal them into single serve pouches

To use your Velvetiser first make sure your whisk is in place. Pour in your choice of liquid then add our real chocolate flakes. Close the lid, press the button and the perfect hot chocolate will be ready in just 2.5 minutes. Once again; place the whisk in first, pour in your choice of liquid then add the chocolate place the lid on and press the button.

  • No Powders
  • No Syrups
  • Just Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat

“I wanted to express the escapist thrill of good chocolate. That’s where the name Hotel Chocolat came from. ‘Chocolat’ sounds like the seductive melt taking place and ‘Hotel’ promises a place to escape to.”

Angus Thirlwell, CEO and Co-founder





We’re constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead. Right from the start, we’ve never played by the rules of what people said a chocolate company should be.


Chocolate starts at the roots of the cacao tree. We’re one of the world’s few chocolate makers to actually grow cacao, on our beautiful Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia. Connecting cacao-growing with luxury chocolate making and retailing makes us unique in the UK, and gives us an in-depth understanding of the factors that impact the final flavour of our chocolate.


For us, being ethical is about doing the right thing, not just saying it, whether it’s making cacao fairer for farmers, taking care of our environment, or just being straight with people.


The Inventing Room

Our Cambridgeshire Inventing Room is where the magic happens. It’s here that our chocolatiers get creative, experimenting with daring new chocolate recipes and uncompromising ingredients. Each recipe is rigorously tested in our weekly tasting meetings to ensure that only the finest go into our Tasting Club selections. Once scored by our Tasting Club subscribers, the top tier of these then make it onto our shelves.


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