Campingaz Party Grill 400cv Camping Gas Cartridge Portable Stove Barbecue BBQ



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Product comes with a Tatty Box !!! Product itself in perfect condition.


  • Multifunctional: This compact camping grill offers campers the choice between a pan support, grilling grid, reversible plancha/griddle with non-stick coating and a large lid which doubles as a wok
  • High Performance: The fully adjustable 2000 W BBQ is powered by the Campingaz CV 470 Plus gas cartridge (run time up to 3 hours); push and turn Piezo ignition for convenient lighting in any weather
  • Available Europe Wide: The CV 470 Plus cartridge is available in over 50 countries thanks to Campingaz’s worldwide dealer network
  • Easy Cleaning and Transport: Water compartment collects grease; pan support, grids and griddles are dishwasher safe; all elements fit inside the stove body-thanks to detachable legs and lockable lid
  • Specifications: Dimension diameter 36 x 42 cm (on stand); gas consumption 145 g/h; boil time of 4 minutes 18 seconds; weight 4.9 kg; carry bag included

Technical Details


The Party Grill 400 CV is a powerful and versatile camping grill that offers campers a choice of 5 different cooking surfaces, making it ideal for camping, picnics or in the garden. It is powered by Campingaz CV300+ and CV470+ gas cartridges.


The Party Grill 400 CV has 5 different ways of preparing food. Whether on the reversible non-stick coated griddle, the grill grid, the lid that can be used as a wok or with a pan or pot on the pan-supports. Maximum flexibility with the 5 in 1 grill.

EasyClic Plus-System

Safe and easy connection of the gas cartridge


The EasyClic Plus system makes connecting the cartridge to the grill child’s play.

To connect it, simply press the grill onto the cartridge and turn it 45° until it clicks, done.

The connection is secure and stable and the cartridge can be removed or changed even if it is not yet completely empty.

Wide availability in many European countries


The Party Grill 400 CV is operated with the CV 300 Plus and CV 470 Plus gas cartridges. These are available in many countries throughout Europe. So you can always find a replacement if you run out of gas. Detailed dealer search at



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