Sennheiser HD 4.30i Headphones for iOS – Black



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Condition: Ex-demo. Grade-A+.Excellent cosmetic condition. Supplied with original packaging and all accessories.


  • Wired, closed-back design and ergonomic ear pads reduce background noise and provide immersive detail
  • Detachable cable has an inline three button remote control and microphone allowing call and music control for iOS devices
  • Soft, comfortable ear pads for enhanced comfort – you will forget that you are wearing them
  • Robust foldable headbands for easy storage on the go
  • Handy single-sided tangle free cable


Product description

Style Name:iOS Compatible  |  Colour Name:Black

Product Description

Sennheiser Headset. Please Note: The cable of the HD4.30 has a special bayonet plug which has to be connected properly for better result. If it’s not connected correctly, it might happen that only one side of the headphone works.

How to connect the cable correctly:
•On the plug that must be inserted in the headset, you will find 2 L-shaped grooves and 2 corresponding terminals in the socket located in the helmet.
•Insert the plug, then turn the connector clockwise approximately 10 degrees to lock the bayonet latch.
•If done correctly, the stereo signal will be restored correctly If the plug is not secure or if a stereo signal is not heard, repeat the process because the jack is not properly locked in the headphones.

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