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walimex pro 800mm f/8.0 DX T2 Tele Mirror Lens- Box is a little bit tatty.


  • with T2 adapter suitable for all SLR, fast and short tele lens with T2 connection, high-grade workmanship and mechanics, sturdy metal casing
  • ideally for travel, nature and animal photography, manual focusing, very short focusing distance of approx. 2m, including high-quality storage bag and lens cap
  • the camera is not included in delivery, tip: doubling of the focal distance with optional 2x Converter T2 (1600mm)!, T2 connection
  • with the adapters we supply, this lens can be used with many other cameras: Olympus OM, 4/3, micro 4/3, Canon AF, FD, Nikon AF/MF, Minolta AF, MD, Leica R/SL, Pentax, Praktica, Samsung, Sony A
  • includes: Walimex Pro 800/8.0 DX Mirror Tele, high-quality storage bag


Suitable for full format and APS-C sensor mirror lens extremely short construction is connected to the respective camera (analog or digital) by separate, screw-on, T2 adapter extremely

Usually a long focal length of 800mm also has a total length of almost 80cm to the sensor level.

In order to obtain a handy, universally applicable and compact solution, a trick was used with this lens. The beam path is simply “folded” by means of two high-precision ground ring mirrors. This results in this compact design of only 131mm in length – compared to the almost 80cm mentioned. The closest focusing distance is also reduced to 3.5 meters instead of at least 10 m with a lens.

The focus is done manually. The lens can (depending on the camera) be used with aperture priority or manual exposure setting.

It is technically not possible to use an iris diaphragm in the folded beam path. If light reduction is necessary, this is made possible simply by using a gray filter 2x or 4x. These are screwed in front of the rear lens. There is a M30.5×0.5 thread for this purpose.

Practical: the lens does not have a fixed, defined infinity stop. Focussing is carried out “pendularly” in that the focus point is reliably found from unsharp through sharp to unsharp at any distance.

T2 connection, operating tip: The T2 adapter is screwed onto the optics, then the lens is bolted on. The screws on the side of the T2 adapter allow the lens to “straighten up” after loosening it – aligning the index upwards. Tightening the screws again reliably secures the optics and adapter.

Advantages of a full frame lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor
Save time in post-processing. A large number of lens defects such as distortion, edge blurring or vignetting occur on the outer areas of the image. If you use a lens calculated for full format on a camera with APS-C sensor, these areas are not used. So you get the maximum quality. Additional post-processing time for correcting lens errors is therefore no longer necessary.


General Information


scope of application Nature, animals, sports
Weight 877g
length 113mm
Product color Black-and-white
Technical specifications


Possible connections T2
Bayonet connection T2
Special features Mirror lens
Luminous intensity lens 1: 8.0
scope of application Nature, animals, sports
Lens design Telephoto lens
Suitable for sensor APS-C, full format, MFT
developed for Full format
Area of ​​application lens Nature, animals, sports
Lens category Telephoto lens
Angle of view on APS-C 3 °
Lens diameter 111mm
Diameter filter 30.5mm
Inner focusing No
Lenses / groups 4/4
Close focus limit 3.5m
Focal length 800 mm
Camera connection / mount T2
use photo

Item packaging


Package width 140mm
Weight incl. packaging 1110g
Girth 790mm
Package height 140mm
Package length 230mm
Packaging with euro hole No
packing material carton




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