Whirlpool POW75D2/NB W Collection Built In 75cm 5 Burners Gas Hob Black 💥


Condition: New Other - Grade-A+. Excellent condition

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Ex-display item in excellent cosmetic condition, comes with all accessories but no original packanig,  please  refer to the pictures

The Whirlpool W Collection POW75D2NB 75cm Gas Hob will update your worktop and instantly become a talking point in your kitchen.

If offers an impressive amount of space to get those creative juices flowing thank to the 5 burners you have to choose from. Thanks to the automatic ignition you get instant heat at the turn of a knob meaning you can start cooking almost instantly.

The PreciseFlame burners ensure that the flames are directed directly up towards your pans which then quickly and efficiently heat them up. This built-in gas hob also features sturdy cast iron pan supports which are robust enough for even your heavier pots and pans.

Cleaning your new hob couldn’t be easier thanks to Whirlpools iXelium protection treatment which ensures that your hob stays scratch and smear-free. When you do happen to spill something then simply wipe it with some water and a soft cloth and the sparkling surface will return.


Upgrade your worktop with this superb gas hob from Whirlpool. You’ll have plenty of space to get creative in the kitchen, thanks to its 5 burners to choose from. It also has a really handy automatic ignition, which gives you instant heat at the twist of a knob – so you can start whipping up your favourite dishes right away. The PreciseFlame burners direct the hob’s flames directly up towards your pans, quickly and efficiently heating your cookware. It even has sturdy cast iron pan supports, which are robust enough for your heavy items like stock pots.



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